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Forex Contrarians Inc. is a professional foreign exchange trading and training company. We have developed a very unique and simple way to analyze and trade the markets. We offer a highly structured and fully mentored trade room, where you will learn to trade right along with us in a safe and sane way. We trade the New York open each morning in a formal trade room setting where you will actually see how and why we place pending orders, and at least twice a day send out new profile updates that automatically install onto your trading computer using our proprietary trading software.  You do NOT have to be in the trade room in order to benefit  from all the trades we take.  Just allow the software to do it all for you automatically!  What could be easier than that?  We look forward to seeing you in the room.

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Our trade room is live and interactive. You will receive our live trading profiles each day. You will install our live charts directly onto your own MT4 platform with all the trades clearly marked and ready to execute. As a member you will receive live training in a boot camp environment learning the 10 modules that comprise our trading system. Each module is again covered in great detail in the member’s area of the website. All trading and training sessions are recorded, and you are free to review any recordings at any time. We would love to welcome you into our trading family. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.


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